Turned and Carved Platters

Jim Christiansen
October 10-14


Participants advance their skills by learning to create platters with graphic rim patterns and natural finishes. Among the topics Jim covers through demonstration and one-on-one instruction are:

  • how to turn platter forms with standard tools such as gouges, scrapers, skews, and power disc sanders;
  • how to carve surface elements based on plant and insect forms—such as branches, dragonflies, butterflies, and flowers—with various power carvers outfitted with basic burrs;
  • how to layer acrylic paint to achieve the look of ancient metal; and
  • how to apply principles of good design to one’s own work.

Students turn, carve, and paint platters of their own creation.

Jim Christiansen has been a professional turner in Moscow, ID, since 1996, following a 28-year career in education. His work is shown at respected galleries across the country—from Northwest Woodworkers in Seattle, WA, to Grovewood Gallery in Asheville, NC—and he has been published in Creative Wood (New Zealand), Woodturning (U.K.), and American Woodturner (U.S.). More of Jim's work may be seen here.


Open to intermediate turners.

Tuition: $750

Christiansen dragonfly platterDragonfly Plate by Jim Christiansen, maple and acrylic paint (19"dia.), 2009

 Christiansen butterfly plateA Certain Slant of Light by Jim Christiansen, maple and acrylic paint (18 1/2"dia.), 2012