Julie Morringello
October 10-14

This is an opportunity to design lighting with a palette of materials, including specialty translucent veneer. Julie begins with a series of design exercises that introduce methods for creating unique three-dimensional forms. These material investigations become each student’s springboard for prototyping a collection of hanging or tabletop light fixtures. The curriculum gives careful consideration to functional requirements specific to lighting, as well as to market considerations relating to production, pricing, and audience.

Participants develop their working prototypes with materials as varied as wood veneer, hardwoods, acrylic sheets, plywood, flexible plastics, nonwoven fabrics, paper, string, brass tubing, and brass rod. Light sources can be incandescent, compact fluorescent, and LED bulbs that fit the standard E6 socket.

Julie Morringello is principle designer, maker, and owner at Modernmaine, a company focused on the creation of contemporary artist-made lighting. Trained as both a fine woodworker and an industrial designer, she holds an MFA with Honors in Furniture Design from the Rhode Island School of Design. Julie lives and works in Stonington, ME. For more information, visit


Open to all.

Tuition: $750

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PersimmonPersimmon by Julie Morringello, maple veneer and interior acrylic diffuser (24”x12”), 2014

 Cuff LightCuff Light by Julie Morringello, maple veneer and metal and nylon hardware (8”x15”), 2015