Assistantships give emerging woodworkers opportunities to work closely with skilled instructors in a professional teaching environment. They can be invaluable for acquiring new skills, strengthening existing ones, and developing professional relationships. Assistantships are available for the Workshops, the twelve-week Furniture Intensives, and the Nine-month Comprehensive. Each is structured somewhat differently, with separate application processes as described below.

Workshop Assistantships

Workshop Assistantships are available for periods of six to ten weeks during the extensive program of one-week and two-week workshops that we offer from June through October. The hours are long and the learning and career opportunities can be invaluable.

Furniture Intensive Assistantships

One assistantship is available for each of the three twelve-week Furniture Intensives we offer throughout the year. Hours are generally Monday through Friday, from 9:00-5:00, although hours are sometimes shifted to provide Saturday coverage as well.

Nine-month Comprehensive Assistantships

One assistantship is available each year for the Nine-month Comprehensive. The assistant divides his/her time between assisting the Comprehensive and participating in the Studio Fellowship program. Depending on the curriculum of any given week, assistant hours in the Comprehensive can vary from a minimum of eight to a maximum of 40.


Assistants Patrick Kana and Andrew Russell 2Workshop Assistants Patrick Kana (left) and Andrew Russell (right), 2012

Assistant Alex CotterWorkshop Assistant Alex Cotter (left), 2015

Assistant Erik CurtisWorkshop Assistant Erik Curtis, 2014