Basic Woodworking


Peter Korn & Faculty

June 4 - 15

Peter Korn & Shannon Bowser

July 2 -13

Peter Korn & Marcus Soto

July 30 - August 10

Peter Korn & Mike Korsak

August 27 - September 7

Peter Korn & Mary Ellen Hitt

October 8 - 19

Mark Juliana & Michaela Stone 






This workshop is a thorough introduction to furniture making, with a focus on traditional hand skills. Participants range from absolute beginners to more experienced woodworkers who want to improve their craftsmanship.

After milling a piece of wood four-square and hand-cutting mortise-and-tenon and dovetail joints, each student makes a simple piece of furniture. A small bench with dovetails and through-wedged tenons is suggested, although participants may choose other designs.

The workshop starts with instruction in the safe use of power tools such as the table saw, jointer, planer, and bandsaw. Through daily lectures and demonstrations, the instructors introduce skills such as lumber selection, milling, joinery, scraping, sanding, assembly, and finishing. They offer extensive instruction in the sharpening, tuning, and use of planes, chisels, and other hand tools.

Peter Korn’s book, Woodworking Basics: Mastering the Essentials of Craftsmanship (Taunton Press, 2003), is the text for this course. The small class size allows the instructors to give each participant extensive individual guidance throughout.

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Open to novice and intermediate woodworkers.

Tuition: $1,410

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credit-cody-fuller-1Basic Woodworking students watching a demonstration in the bench room of the Workshop building. Photo by Cody Fulfer.

Matthew Smith 16bw5Basic Woodworking student paring dovetails

BasicProjectDetail of the suggested bench project for Basic Woodworking