Chance Coalter & David Haig
September 10-21

In the language of furniture, curves are the advanced grammar. In this course, Chance and David share their fluent expertise in the design and fabrication of curvaceous furniture, with shared emphasis on bent lamination, steam bending, and sculptural carving. Each student comes prepared with sketches of a project—such as a small table, music stand, or cabinet—that they develop during the course. More complex projects may be completed at home.

Through lecture and demonstration, the instructors cover a broad range of topics pertinent to making furniture with curved elements out of solid wood, veneer, and/or bending ply. They address aesthetic issues of design and practical issues of construction.

Among the many topics they cover are the use of drawing in the design process, solid-wood bent lamination with one- and two-part forms, tapered laminations, steam bending, hot pipe bending, selection of panel substrates, jointing and matching of veneers, vacuum-pressing with curved forms, and joinery options for bent parts.

Chance Coalter is a furniture designer and craftsman in San Diego, CA, and adjunct professor in the woodworking program at Palomar College. He earned a B.A. in Applied Design from San Diego State in 2013 and was subsequently awarded a Fellowship at the Center for Furniture Craftsmanship. Among other honors, in 2015 he received a Niche Award and a first-place honor at the Design in Wood competition in San Diego. To see more of Chance’s furniture, please visit

David Haig is one of New Zealand's leading furniture makers, with over 30 years' professional experience and an international clientele. His award-winning work is characterized by graceful use of steam-bent, curvilinear forms. David writes for Australian Wood Review, has taught frequently at the Perth Woodschool in Australia, and has helped to develop and run the full-time program at the Centre for Fine Woodworking in New Zealand. His website is

Open to intermediate and more advanced woodworkers.


Tuition: $1,410

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Coalter entry table detail 3Detail of Duality by Chance Coalter, maple (16"x67½”x34"), 2014

classic view walnut desk and vchair 2009Writing Desk and Chair by David Haig, walnut, 2009