Tim Rousseau
September 9-20

This course is for woodworkers who want to design and build curved work with confidence. Each student comes prepared with sketches for a project—such as a small table, music stand, or cabinet—that they develop during the course. More complex projects may be completed at home.

Through lecture and demonstration, Tim shares his extensive knowledge of laminate bending; steam bending; and other techniques such as stack lamination and coopering; all of which may be achieved with straightforward equipment that is readily available. Topics include designing for curves; choosing the right bending techniques for work in solid wood, veneer, and/or bending ply; building forms; working with vacuum bag technology and other clamping strategies; making tapered laminations, and joinery options for curved components.

Tim Rousseau divides his time between building furniture on commission in Appleton, ME, and teaching at the Center. After completing our Furniture Intensive in 1998, Tim worked in a multifaceted group shop in Hoboken, NJ, before returning to Maine to set up his own business in 2003. Since then, he has been a lead instructor for the Furniture Intensive, in addition to teaching the chair project for the Comprehensive. Tim is a frequent presenter of how-to and project videos for, and, including the series “Making a Small Cabinet” and “Build an Asian-Inspired Hall Table.” His website is

Open to intermediate and more advanced woodworkers.


Tuition: $1,440

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Rousseau full res chairSide Chair by Tim Rousseau, walnut and leather (19"x21"x31"), 2006