Just Joinery

David Upfill-Brown
June 9-13

Participants get hands-on experience at cutting a full range of essential woodworking joints with power tools and hand tools. David emphasizes precision and safety in making halved and bridle joints, mortise and tenons, mitered and scribed joints, housed joints, box joints, dovetails, and scarf joints. He also provides instruction in choosing the right joint for the job.

Students work with routers, biscuit jointers, Dominos, band saws, table saws, slot mortisers, and hollow chisel mortisers, as well as with hand saws and chisels. They leave with confidence in their ability to wed two sticks together so they stay married. This is an excellent class for students wishing to follow on from Basic Woodworking.     

David Upfill-Brown graduated from England's Parnham College in 1981 and moved to Australia, where he designs and builds fine furniture. Public commissions include work for the parliaments of Australia, Papua New Guinea, the Marshall Islands, and the Solomon Islands. After serving as Academic Director and Principal of the Australian School of Fine Furniture he took the helm as Lead Instructor of our Nine-month Comprehensive from 2004-2009. Publications include Lark Books' 500 Chairs (2008) and 500 Tables (2009), as well as Fine Woodworking Design Book Eight (Taunton Press, 2009). Most recently, David had a solo exhibition at Australia's Bungendore Woodworks in December 2013. His website is davidupfillbrown.com.

Open to all.

Tuition: $730


David-Upfill-Brown-Radius-TableRadius Table by David Upfill-Brown, cherry, 2009

 Upfill-Brown-drawer-detail Detail of desk by David Upfill-Brown