Live-edge Tables

Robert Erickson & Tor Erickson
June 19-30

Guided by the highly experienced father-son woodworking team of Bob and Tor Erickson, each student designs and builds at least one modestly scaled live-edge table. Participants learn best practices for working with beautiful, wide, live-edge boards while exploring aesthetic possibilities and structural considerations for table bases.

Among areas covered through discussion and demonstration are: design considerations for live-edge stock; inlay with butterflies and other shapes; trestle bases with wedged through tenons; angled floating-tenon joinery with the Festool Domino; attaching legs with custom aluminum plates; expandable router sleds for flattening wide timber; shaping wood; edge treatments; and appropriate finishes. Students may purchase live-edge walnut boards at the school or bring their own wood, as long as it is free of insects, sufficiently dry, and not overly large. Walnut, ash, maple, oak, and cherry boards are available for bases.  

Bob Erickson has been making furniture professionally since 1969 and was joined by his son, Tor Erickson, as a full partner in 2014. At Erickson Woodworking, located in Nevada City, CA, they build about 75 pieces of furniture a year, mostly chairs and tables. Their work is represented in the collections of the Smithsonian's Renwick Gallery, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, and the Yale University Art Gallery, among others. Bob wrote “Shaping Wood for Furniture” for Woodwork magazine and both have been featured in American Craft, Atlantic Monthly, Fine Woodworking, and other publications. Their website is


Open to intermediate woodworkers, including anyone who has taken our Basic Woodworking course.

Tuition: $1,380