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Just Joinery

Mark Juliana & Mason McBrien
August 3-7

Participants get hands-on experience at cutting a full range of essential woodworking joints with power tools and hand tools. Mark and Mason emphasize precision and safety in making halved and bridle joints, mortise and tenons, mitered and scribed joints, housed joints, box joints, dovetails, and scarf joints. They also give instruction in choosing the right joint for the job.

Students work with routers, biscuit jointers, Dominos, band saws, table saws, slot mortisers, and hollow chisel mortisers, as well as with hand saws and chisels. They leave with confidence in their ability to wed two sticks together so they stay married. This is an excellent class for students wishing to follow on from Basic Woodworking.     

Mark Juliana left the world of high tech in 2007 to explore more meaningful work and graduated from our Nine-month Comprehensive in 2008. He returned to Ashland, OR, where he set up a workshop and began to teach locally. In 2011, Mark returned to the Center as a Studio Fellow and in August of that year he joined our staff as an instructor and Assistant Facilities Manager.

Mason McBrien has combined the roles of instructor and facilities manager at the Center since 2011, while still finding time to accept commissions for furniture and wood turning. After years of self-employment building custom furniture, museum installations, and historic garden architecture in New Hampshire, Mason enrolled in the Center’s 2007-2008 Nine-month Comprehensive and subsequently was awarded a Studio Fellowship. His work has been published in Fine Woodworking and in Lark Books’ 500 Tables (2009) and 500 Cabinets (2010).


Tuition: $740


JulianaDetail of Tall Cabinet by Mark Juliana, cherry, maple (14"x14"x44"), 2008

McBrien Salvaged Mahogany Table by Mason McBrien, mahogany (63"x12"x33"), 2012