Upholstery Techniques

Michael Mascelli
September 25-29

This course is for woodworkers who want to introduce upholstery into their furniture designs, as well as anyone who wants to reupholster existing pieces. With Mike’s step-by-step guidance, each student completes two projects that they can enjoy using at home, an ottoman and a chair, starting with wooden frames provided by the school.

Mike shares the history, language, and skills of the upholstery trade. Through hands-on practice, participants learn to: design upholstery treatments; pull and tack webbing; hand-tie coil springs; install zig-zag springs; create a professional upholstery foundation with padding and muslin; work with fabric to install show covers, dust covers, and trim; and blind stitch and hand-close seams.

Mike Mascelli is a professional upholsterer in Latham, NY, with over 40 years of experience, as well as co-Director of the Professional Refinisher’s Group, a national organization founded in 1998. In his upholstery work he divides his time between classic furniture and classic cars, while his finishing expertise is founded in the restoration of period furniture. As an author, he has contributed to the forthcoming Roubo on Furniture by Don Williams (Lost Art Press) and With Saw, Plane & Chisel by Zach Dillinger (Popular Woodworking, 2016). He also writes for the journal of the Society of American Period Furniture Makers and has completed two soon-to-be-released instructional videos for Popular Woodworking.


Open to all.

Tuition: $770

Mascelli CroppedMike Mascelli with the footstool (here shown with one coil spring installed) that is the first project in the course

 Mascelli Spring Tie 5Detail of coil spring attachment by Mike Mascelli