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Adventures in Steambending

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As woodworkers, we go to great lengths to create curvilinear forms with our mercurial medium. We stack hundreds of small pieces like bricks, and then shape them into one sweeping form with a grinder, only to end up covered in dust; or we spend hours at the bandsaw, resawing lamintaions one after the other, and getting covered in dust. One of the more sustainable - and probably the most fun - ways of creating curves is done with the power of steam. Steam, and many, many clamps.


Although this epic steambend ended up failing, understanding the limits of one's material is an invaluable lesson for a maker. Plus, it was pretty fun to watch instructor Reed Hansuld doing a jig on top of the form in a futile attempt to coax the wood to bend to his will.








Current Student Work in the Messler Gallery 4/15 - 5/25

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It is so thrilling to see the incredible work the Nine-month Comprehensive students have created in one place. Each year we watch the hard work and energy, the experiments, challenges, and occasional failures that the students have to push through and learn from in order to produce finished work; and each year it is a delight to walk into the Messler Gallery, the day before the student show opens, and witness the astounding payoff.


Current Student Work is open until May 25th. Don't miss it!


16StudentShow13smallHanging cabinet and bench by Heide Martin

Asher Dunn's Instagram Takeover

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Whip-smart and zestfully passionate, Asher Dunn is a treasure to have on campus. The young industrial designer has gained international recognition for his firm Studio Dunn, where he and his team create beautiful, sustainable furniture, lighting, and household objects. As the guest instructor for the "multiples" section of the Nine-month Comprehensive, Asher is working with students to develop production oriented objects, from desk lamps to bar stools to boxes; he's guiding the students through the procedure of refining a product through multiple design iterations and explorations of material and process. To top it all off, he's been generous enough to take over the school's Instagram account, sharing the many killer photographs he's captured around campus. Here are just a few of the wonderful pictures he's snapped. To see them all, please follow us on Instagram @woodschoolmaine, and while you're at it, follow Asher's design firm @studiodunn!

The Final Stretch of the Twelve-week Intensive

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Now in their final week, the Twelve-week Intensive students are eager to make as much progress as possible on their curvature projects. After extensive demonstrations on steam bending, lamination bending, and veneering, a final wave of energy has taken over the shop as the students incorporate these complex building techniques into their work. The positive attitude and tireless work ethic of this group of students permeated throughout campus over the last three months. We will miss them, but we're also excited to see where they go from here!