Projects in Progress

Curvature Workshop

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The Curvature Workshop was a two week intermediate/advanced course for students interested in incorporating curvilinear designs in their woodworking. Instructors Tim Rousseau and Tom Kealy covered laminate bending, steam bending, coopering, and other techniques used to create curved lines and volumes in wood.

Lighting Workshop

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During the one week Lighting Workshop, instructor Julie Morringello led students through a series of exercises using unconventional materials, building models and prototypes for one-of-a-kind lighting. The course balanced sculptural investigation with concrete technical information about wiring and marketing. See more of Julie's work on her website here.

The Final Stretch of the Twelve-week Intensive

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Now in their final week, the Twelve-week Intensive students are eager to make as much progress as possible on their curvature projects. After extensive demonstrations on steam bending, lamination bending, and veneering, a final wave of energy has taken over the shop as the students incorporate these complex building techniques into their work. The positive attitude and tireless work ethic of this group of students permeated throughout campus over the last three months. We will miss them, but we're also excited to see where they go from here!

Doors and Drawers: The Casepiece Project

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Although it's Christmas vacation week, a few students from both the Nine-month Comprehensive and the Twelve-week Intensive are in the shop, working hard to finish their casepiece projects over the holiday. The only requirement for the project is to include at least one door and one drawer, essential skills for a furniture maker. This project allows students to push their design skills, and start to develop their personal aesthetics. Simultaneously, it tests their understanding of construction and their discipline in technical execution.

Benches from the Nine-month Comprehensive

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During the first three weeks of the Nine-month Comprehensive, students hone their skills with hand tools like chisels, planes, and marking gauges. After a bit of practice, they design and build a bench with dovetails and mortise and tenon joinery. From such a simple brief, the current Nine-month students have created a remarkably diverse array of work, providing us a small sample of the creativity to come this year.

Photos by Mark Juliana