Student Profile: meet Emily Deutchman

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One glance over Emily Deutchman’s bench area and it becomes clear: this is a space inhabited by a remarkably creative person. Her small corner in the Nine-month building bristles with aesthetic delights from the bursts of color painted on a row of mason jars to a well-curated bulletin board composed of sketches, inspiring photos, and geometric wooden jewelry. As an emerging furniture maker, Emily isn’t just about style and creativity, she also values exceptional craftsmanship. As a result, her work combines timeless heirloom quality with her unique voice as a designer.





Like so many others who come to the school, she was inspired to learn furniture making out of a desire to work with her hands. Before enrolling in the Nine-month Comprehensive, Emily was in New York, working at an advertising headhunting company. But as a painter and illustrator, and with some woodworking experience through her involvement in theater tech, she knew she wouldn’t find satisfaction until moving on to a more creative career. She says she “enjoyed the physicality of the creating process as well at the satisfaction in being able to see and experience what I had produced.” After the course ends, Emily will move back to New York, and pursue a career making fine furniture and custom cabinetry, applying her “creative, physical skills to create useful and beautiful objects.”