And the snow continues...

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Another blog post about snow? Isn't this supposed to be a blog about a woodworking school, ergo a blog about woodworking? Well, yes. But the Center is located in midcoast Maine, and Maine is a place so saturated in its own singular identity that everyone and everything within its borders marinates in Mainelyness until his, her, or its very core is so inextricably tied to Maine, that to reside elsewhere would mean to exist as someone or something else entirely. Thus, this blog is about Maine as much as it is about wood.



Mark-snow-blowerMark Juliana: snow blower extraordinaire

This particular blanket of snow is special. Rarely in Maine, especially on the coast, can you fill your shovel with a foot-tall pile and toss it gingerly to the side without every muscle in your back shrieking, or reverse your car out of the driveway before the plowman comes. I can't think of anything that is simultaneously so loved and loathed as snow, but today, it's all love, baby, because today we have powder. POWDER. Today holds all the magic of a pristine landscape, perfect skiing conditions, and promise of a white Christmas without all the romance-killing drudgery of heavy, wet, icy, slushy snow removal. And so snow-blog I must.