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Finely Tuned Machines: a peek behind the scenes

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With our workshop season swinging into full gear this week, campus is bustling with new students and visitors and activities, like our weekly potlucks and faculty slideshows. With so much happening this time of year it may be easy to overlook how much work goes on behind the scenes to keep the workshops humming. This blog post is dedicated to our highly skilled and hardworking facilities staff, who go above and beyond all year long to keep the shops tidy, the machines running smoothly, and the buildings and grounds looking their finest.

The Latest from the Fellowship

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Our Studio Fellowship provides up to six emerging and established furniture makers with the opportunity to explore new directions in their work. Fellows share the 5,400 square foot Jackson Building, which includes a bench room and full machine room. Often participants are graduates of our Nine-month Comprehensive and Furniture Intensive programs, and occasionally instructors will extend their stay on campus to explore their own work.

2017 Turning Intensive

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On a walk through our turning studio on any given day, you may hear loud laugter and be forgiven for thinking that no work could possibly be getting done around here. How could there be, when there are so often groups of students sharing a belly laugh with their instuctor, Beth Ireland?

Annual Yankee Swap

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The Annual Yankee Swap Potluck is always a highlight of the year. Students have been working like crazy to finish their casework projects, and the facilities and administrative staff are at their busiest simultaneously wrapping up 2016 and preparing already for the 2017 workshop season.

Getting Acquainted with CAD/CAM

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Mark Aled MaryEllen CNCclass

Many woodworkers have strong opinions about the role of computer aided design and manufacturing (CAD/CAM) as it relates to craft. Where some see an essential step toward progress, others feel a threat to the importance of working by hand. Here at the school, we are all about merging creativity with technical skill, and we want to give our students as many tools as possible to achieve that balance.