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The Woodschool Blog

Projects In Progress: the tool cabinet

Written by Michaela Stone on .

I love my tools. As an assistant I lent a student my beloved Starrett four-inch square so he could accurately check his dovetails. Throughout the afternoon, I caught myself staring across the room, as if I expected him to toss my square on the floor when he was finished.
The Nine-month Comprehensive students will no doubt develop this same attachment, and what better way to cherish their tools than give them a beautiful home in a custom tool cabinet? This second project in the Nine-month Comprehensive is designed to give students familiarity with machine joinery and shaping skills for casework.

Student Profile: meet Nine-month student Cody Farmer

Written by Michaela Stone on .

One of my objectives for this blog is to give readers the opportunity to meet the students. Since coming to the Center two years ago as a student myself, I’ve continually been impressed by the spectrum of the student body. People of all ages and experience come from all over; and, although they are participating in the same program, their goals are often quite different.

Projects In Progress: tails, then pins

Written by Michaela Stone on .


I looked at the clock and was appalled. How could something so small and simple be so arduously time-consuming? And how is it that a paper-thin gap could look so cavernous? An entire day dedicated to two tails and three pins.


Written by Michaela Stone on .


Michaela Crie Stone grew up swinging on buoys tied to trees, arranging perfectly coiffed seaweed wigs, and building forts in the woods on the coast of Maine. After receiving a degree in sculpture, she returned to her home town of Rockport to attend the Center’s Twelve-Week Intensive in 2011. Michaela subsequently worked as a summer assistant and was awarded a year-long Studio Fellowship. She still dabbles in fort-building.



GRybus WIM Michaela-8889resizephoto by Greta Rybus






The Center for Furniture Craftsmanship is a nonprofit, year-round school that offers courses in furniture making and related arts such as carving and woodturning.