Drawer Making

Tom Caspar
June 19-23

In this hand skills course, students learn to make traditional, inset drawers and fit them within a case. Through demonstration and one-on-one guidance, Tom covers: joinery with half-blind and through dovetails, with the option of using a custom jig; cutting bottom grooves with a plow plane; joining, gluing, and planing stock flat for drawer bottoms; rabbeting bottom edges with a fillister plane; the application of drawer slips, and sharpening as needed. In order to maximize hands-on time at the bench, participants are provided with pre-milled cherry for drawer fronts and basswood for sides and bottoms. The student supply list includes essential hand tools, but Tom brings plow and fillister planes for shared use.

Tom Caspar has been a furniture maker since apprenticing to a Swedish cabinetmaker almost 40 years ago. Located in Minneapolis, MN, he was for many years editor of Woodwork and American Woodworker magazines. Tom has shared his expertise through more than fifty articles on a huge range of techniques and projects, as well as through reports on tool tests. He developed the curriculum for this course over decades of teaching.

Open to all except absolute beginners.

Tuition: $770

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Tom Caspar DrawerDetail of drawer made by Tom Caspar, walnut and pine, 2005