Contemporary Upholstery

Annie Evelyn
October 11-15

This course is for woodworkers who want to learn essential upholstery techniques for contemporary seating. Working with modern techniques and materials—such as woven elastic and polypropylene webbings, and pneumatic staplers instead of tacks—every participant constructs an upholstered chair. To save time, students assemble their chair frames from pre-cut components that they are encouraged to customize.

Among the many techniques Annie shares are frame assembly; positioning of pull-throughs; use of synthetic webbings, tack strips, and ply-grip; selecting and shaping foam; cutting and patterning muslin and finish fabrics; and blind stitching. She also provides a useful overview of traditional upholstery techniques, upholstery terminology, and the best applications for various materials and techniques. Participants can expect to return to their workshops ready to explore new upholstered designs on their own.

Annie Evelyn is a furniture maker in Bakersville, NC, who combines a deep background in traditional and contemporary upholstery with a studio arts practice. From 2003-2014 she upholstered and made furniture as New Colony Design, while also earning an MFA at the Rhode Island School of Design in 2007. Among many honors, Annie has been awarded three Windgate residencies, as well as the prestigious John D. Mineck Furniture Fellowship from the Society of Arts and Crafts. She exhibits internationally, with recent shows at The Center for Art in Wood in Philadelphia, PA, the Houston Center for Contemporary Craft in Texas, and the Southeastern Center for Contemporary Art in Winston-Salem, NC. Annie has been featured on the cover of American Craft (June/July 2014) and her work is widely published. Most recently, she co-founded Crafting the Future, a collective of artists working together to provide equitable opportunities in the arts. Annie’s website is


Open to intermediate and advanced woodworkers.



Tuition: $840

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Mascelli 2018 upholstery workshopDetail of The Scotty chair by Annie Evelyn, ash and foam (19”x19”x32”), 2012

 Mascelli Spring Tie 5Each student upholsters a chair along the lines of this one made by a previous participant in one of Annie’s courses.