Jim Macdonald
August 23-27

Jim teaches the full marquetry process for creating surface imagery with veneer. Through demonstrations, one-on-one guidance, and hands-on practice, students learn to compose designs, strengthen drawing skills, select veneer, accomplish traditional double-bevel sawing with fret and scroll saws, tape, press, and finish. Instruction includes the use of standard woodworking machinery to cut, drill, and fit commercial veneer.

Each student executes a series of projects, starting with shared, simple designs before tackling either representational or abstract compositions of their own. Those new to marquetry can establish a strong foundation for continued work on their own, while more experienced participants advance their skills by tackling more elaborate compositions.

Jim Macdonald creates custom guitars, furniture, art, and portraits featuring marquetry and inlay in Burnham, ME. In addition to his own projects, Jim collaborates with luthiers and furniture makers as a marquetry specialist. His work has been commissioned by Gibson Guitar's Custom Shop and Hinckley Yachts. In 2018, his Allman Brothers tribute guitar entered the collection of their Big House Museum in Macon, GA. His Turandot Cabinet appeared in the "Current Work" section of Fine Woodworking (June, 2001). Jim teaches marquetry for the Comprehensive. His website is



Open to all, from absolute beginners to those who have already taken marquetry courses.


Tuition: $840

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Macdonald Revelry at No Name Creek 2Revelry at No Name Creek by Jim Macdonald

Ferrazzutti veneered box with lid openMarquetry detail of Turnadot Cabinet by Jim Macdonald (after illustration by George Barbier), 1999