Projects in Progress: curves from the nine-month comprehensive

Written by Dorrie Higbee on .

Walking through the Nine-month classroom I am reminded that there are many different ways to approach a design brief. In the last 5 weeks each student designed and built a furniture piece with curved elements. Collectively they have created a fine body of work which includes a lawyer’s standing desk, coffee and side tables, hall and sofa tables, a wall cabinet, and a gentleman’s valet. In addition to steam and laminate bending, students explored other curve-forming techniques like coopering and kerf cutting. I’m sure there is a mix of relief, satisfaction, and accomplishment when the wood bends without breaking, when the vacuum press closes before the glue sets, or when there is minimal spring back when the clamps come off the form.


9curves-crit-group-piecesStudent projects at the Nine-month Comprehensive curves critique


9curves-bouquet-base  9curves-clamps


9curves-cody-piecesCody's project: Coffee table with veneered top and coopered base


9curves-jim-veneeringJim working on his radial veneered table top