Final Days of the Summer Twelve-week Intensive

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The end of the summer Twelve-week Furniture Intensive is always a little bittersweet. The sun sets a little earlier, nights are a little cooler, and we have to say goodbye to an incredibly hard-working and creative group of students. It's so exciting, though, to see what those students have created in their time here at school, and to hear what they have planned for the future. Some will return to their pre-woodworking lives, but with a new-found passion and deep knowledge of their hobby; others will take the plunge and open their own shops, making furniture full-time; and some will continue their education in woodworking in a number of ways, including our Nine-month Comprehensive.


The final four weeks of the Furniture Intensive are spent learning to create and incorporate curvature and veneer in furniture. This summer, Adrian Ferrazzutti joined lead instructor Aaron Fedarko for the curves segment. Adrian has an astounding ability to energize an entire class of students, right when they're starting to lose steam after months of hard work. Somehow, when he's on campus, the work ethic goes up and smiles get bigger.