Student Profile: meet Nine-month student Cody Farmer

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One of my objectives for this blog is to give readers the opportunity to meet the students. Since coming to the Center two years ago as a student myself, I’ve continually been impressed by the spectrum of the student body. People of all ages and experience come from all over; and, although they are participating in the same program, their goals are often quite different.




My inaugural student profile features Cody Farmer. Cody grew up in West Virginia where his passion for hunting led to an interest in woodworking. When he was sixteen, his grandfather helped him build a reloading bench, which is used to reload ammunition for hunting rifles. He showed Cody how to use various tools and machines. Cody says he “was hooked after that.”

cody3Cody hand-planing at his bench

Before moving up north to attend the Nine-month comprehensive, Cody was living in Edmond, Oklahoma with his basset hound named Banjo, and worked on a small horse farm. He was doing some woodworking in his spare time, but decided to take the leap toward woodworking as a way of life.

After the Nine-month, Cody plans to work for a furniture or cabinet maker in order to gain more experience before opening his own shop.