Field Trip! "Embracing the CNC" Students Visit Thos. Moser Workshop

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Thos Moser Trip Group Shot

Thos. Moser Cabinetmakers has always been generous in allowing groups of students from the Woodschool to come to their Auburn, Maine facility for behind-the-scenes tours.

Recently, the “Embracing the CNC” class paid them a visit to check out their amazing 5-axis CNC machine among many other fascinating tools, jigs, and furniture pieces in progress. It was inspiring to see how they strike a perfect balance between handmade, machine-made, and good design, while managing to keep their products accessible to a wide market. Director of Design Adam Rogers and Pete Basil gave us the tour.

Thos Moser Trip Conference Room

We began the tour with an explanation of the computer software they use to run their CNC Machine.

Thos Moser Trip Wood Racks

Stacks and stacks of premium hardwood.

Thos Moser Trip CNC

The CNC in action.

Thos Moser Trip Clamp Rack

 Panel clamps for multiple glue-ups.

 Thos Moser Trip Adam Splainin

Adam explains the bending jig used for making a mirror frame.

Thos Moser Trip Hand Planed Table

 A hand-planed table surface.

Thos Moser Trip Upside Down Table

 The underside of a table.

Thos Moser Trip Heat Press

The R.F. (Radio Frequency) Press makes wood bending fast and efficient by sending an electrical charge through the wood and heating the glue.

Thos Moser Trip Jig Wall

 Walls and walls of intriguing and mysterious jigs were everywhere.

Thos Moser Trip Parts Shelf

 Chair Parts.

Thos Moser Trip Bending Jigs

 Jigs for bending chair backs.

Thos Moser Parts Cart

 Bent chair parts.

Thos Moser Trip Chairs Finishing Room

Finished pieces ready for shipment.

Thos Moser Trip Round Boxes

 Nothing goes to waste: these circular nesting boxes are made from cutoffs from other furniture parts.

Thos Moser Trip Chair On Shelf

Pristine chairs just hanging out on the industrial shelving.

Thos Moser Trip Old Sign

  A classic Thos. Moser sign.



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