Turning for Beginners

Rudy Lopez
September 13-17

This is a thorough introduction to the tools, materials, and skills of woodturning. Participants learn to use the lathe safely and effectively for a wide range of applications. Rudy covers tool selection and sharpening; chucking techniques; turning green and dry woods; the ABC’s (anchor, bevel, cut) of tool control; bead-and-cove spindle techniques; end grain turning with gouges and scrapers; taking a project from log to finish; and how subtle changes in shape greatly influence the aesthetics of a final form. 

With ample one-on-one guidance, students create a variety of projects that includes carvers’ mallets, coffee scoops, utensils, plates, platters, and simple bowls. By the end of the week, they have established a foundation of basic turning skills upon which they can confidently continue to build.

Rudy Lopez is a professional woodturner in Tampa, FL, with over 40 years of experience in turning, furniture making, and cabinetmaking. Widely respected for his teaching skills, he demonstrates at regional and national symposia, including those of the American Association of Woodturners, and teaches at clubs and schools across the country. Rudy’s work has been featured in juried exhibitions at AAW symposia and at their Gallery of Wood Art in St. Paul, MN. His website is rudolphlopez.com.


Open to all.


Tuition: $840

Wise walnut bowlA sampling of class projects turned by Rudy Balusters large fileNested set of elm burl bowls by Rudy Lopez (7"-16" dia.), 2014